Center for Self Advocacy Inc.

Job Opportunities​

Full-Time Coordinator for Outreach and Social Justice Initiatives

Candidate will need:

  • Knowledge of meaning of diversity and inclusion

  • Knowledge of self-advocacy movement and its relationship to other social justice movements

  •  Knowledge of intellectual/developmental disabilities

  • Ability to work independently with supervision

  • Ability to problem solve

  • Intersectional approach to disability diversity inclusion and access

  • Organizational skills

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher preferred

Candidate Experience:

  • Social justice background

  • Program development

  • Strong demonstrated commitment to diversity/inclusion principles

  • Supervisory experience preferred

  • Experience enacting, promoting, or advancing disability diversity and inclusion within an organization

In this position, the candidate will be expected to:

  • Develop and monitor social justice programming / group / activities

  • Supervise peer mentors

  • Engage with community to develop new relationships / networks around social justice issues that affect people with disabilities 

  • Act as liaison with social justice organizations that are currently collaborating with the Center for Self Advocacy (CSA) 

  • Maintain existing relationships with disability service provider agencies and disability advocacy organizations, including agencies and organizations that specifically serve people with intellectual / developmental disabilities

  • Complete documentation as required / needed 

  • Act as a collaborative team member in the Center for Self Advocacy (CSA) organization 

* People with disabilities are encouraged to apply. 

This is a one-year position and will continue based on future funding. Please submit your resume and three letters of reference (two professional and one personal) to Samuel Mattle at Please call for any questions pertaining to this position at (716) 768 - 1795. Responses requested by February 26, 2021. 

The full version of the position is in PDF format below