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We help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities work, advocate within their communities, and have an independent and productive lifestyle.

Center for Self Advocacy Partners in Transition Webinar is holding a FREE webinar that help all of us learn, grow, and become stronger. Learn about what person centeredness is and how it can affect your life. Learn about supports that are here for you. During this unsettled time. 

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People with developmental
disabilities become community members,
making an impact, being a positive influence
in their community and society as a whole

"All men and women are created equal'-including those who use breathing machines, wheelchairs, Braille, and communication boards."

Peer to peer mentoring to empower and build social networks.  Group meetings are held to discuss any relevant issues. 


We offer training in disability awareness to private agencies, educational institutions, and businesses to broaden the perspective on individuals with developmental disabilities.